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Resume Service

Struggling to be called for teaching interviews? It's not you - it's your resume!

Teaching is a very competitive profession. Did you know that more than 80% of applications are often screened out in 10 seconds or less? At the same time, we know why strong resumes consistently lead to interviews. This occurs by design, not by luck.

How will you stand out?

Take the lead! Ask a former principal and central office administrator to redesign your resume for attention and appeal! With a Penn State Ph.D. and 30+ years of experience hiring teachers, the Coach knows first-hand what school leaders look for. Invest in a brilliant revised resume that directly aligns your skills with school improvement goals. Instantly become a stronger competitor! Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Every order includes:

Interview Coaching Service

Have a teaching interview scheduled? "What will they ask? What should I take?"

Prepare and Practice! Schedule a virtual practice interview with a former Principal and curriculum administrator at your convenience. The Coach earned a Penn State Ph.D. and has much experience interviewing hundreds of applicants for teaching jobs.

The 30-minute virtual "interview" uses a free video chat app to connect the Client and Coach (smartphone, computer or telephone). The Coach will ask several common interview questions tailored to reflect the grade level or subject area for the position. Following the "interview," the Coach will conference directly with the Client, sharing tips and suggestions to deliver and support even stronger responses. After the "interview," the Client will receive the Coach's complete written reflection and may download a free video or audio recording of the "interview."

Every Client will be in a much better position to enter the real interview with confidence, knowing what to expect, and feeling well-prepared to share examples of their successes and achievements with the interview team. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Every order includes:

Each service is $75.00.

Total Due: $75.00