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Welcoming Students With a Smile

A new study found that teachers who greeted their students as they entered the classroom increased engagement, reduced disruptive behavior and gave them a sense of belonging. ...
Source: Youki Terada, Edutopia
Posted: Sep 12, 2018

The Big Problem With Rewarding Kids for Good Grades and Punishing Them for Bad Ones

A transaction in which parents bestow the reward of love in exchange for their children’s success can lead to problems such as a fear of failure, low self-esteem, depression and anxiety. ...
Source: Jessica Lahey, Washington Post
Posted: Aug 30, 2018

Embracing Inquiry-Based Instruction

A veteran high school teacher in New Jersey says there are three traditional education ideas we need to let go of to successfully implement inquiry-based instruction, and three ideas we need to embrace. ...
Source: Christi Alper, Edutopia
Posted: Aug 18, 2018

Study: Idaho Teacher Salaries Rank Lowest in Nation

From pre-K through college, Idaho educator salaries rank at or near the bottom nationally, according to a study by the Brookings Institution. The study revealed salaries were 12 percent below the national average. ...
Source: Kevin Richert, IDEDNews
Posted: Jul 11, 2018

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