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Five Hands-On Ways to Teach Telling Time

Telling time to the nearest minute can be difficult for many students. Here are some fun ways to teach telling time that will make it enjoyable and easier to grasp. ...
Source: Erin Bittman, WeAreTeachers
Posted: Feb 28, 2018

A Map of Kids' Trauma in the U.S.

When kids are exposed to traumatic violence, short-term symptoms start immediately after such incidents and include trouble focusing, managing emotions, and negotiating relationships. ...
Source: Mimi Kirk, TheAtlantic
Posted: Feb 27, 2018

What’s the Right Amount of Homework?

Decades of research show that homework has some benefits, especially for students in middle and high school—but there are risks to assigning too much. ...
Source: Youki Terada, Edutopia
Posted: Feb 23, 2018

Teacher Turnover Can Be a Problem, But It’s Far From a National Crisis

Public schools have much lower rates of job openings, hire rates, quit rates, and voluntary and involuntary separations than every industry except the federal government. ...
Source: Chad Aldeman,
Posted: Feb 14, 2018

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