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Teaching Preschoolers Learning Strategies: ‘What’ Meets ‘How’

During group time in a preschool classroom, a teacher asks the children to, “Raise a nice quiet hand,” in order to share an idea. What does a child need to know and do in order to comply with ...
Source: Felicia R. Truong, Brookings Institute
Posted: Apr 17, 2018

Teacher Wellness: Is It Time to Find a New Job?

Leaving a job is no easy decision. Is it the job itself that you want to leave, or are there other things going on that are impacting your feelings about your job? These five activities might help clarity ...
Source: Elena Aguilar,
Posted: Apr 04, 2018

New Physics Lessons Help Girls Catch Up

Many school pupils fail at physics because they misunderstand the fundamental concepts. A new teaching method can change this , according to researchers have now proven its effect. ...
Source: Michael Walther,
Posted: Mar 26, 2018

Teacher Turnover Is a Symptom of a Nationwide Shortage of Educators

The teacher shortage is not easy to solve, and many states are seeking creative solutions. For example, Arizona instituted a new certification program that allows college graduates who have no training to be a teacher. ...
Source: Tara Dale, The74Million
Posted: Mar 26, 2018

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