Temporary - Music Accompanist

Springfield, Missouri Public Schools, Springfield, Missouri

Date PostedSeptember 18, 2018
IndustryK-12: Public Schools
Job StatusNot Specified
SalaryNot Specified
The role of a Temporary Accompanist will provide services outlined in the information below depending on level of role provided. Essential Functions Middle School: • Preparing for a special event such as MMEA or ACDA performances: 1-2 hours per week • Preparing for an upcoming school concert: 2 hours a week during the 2 weeks leading up to a concert • Concert • Solo and Small ensemble High School Vocal: • Staff accompanist at buildings that do not have assistant choir directors: (Hillcrest, Glendale, Parkview) 1-2 class periods per day (approx 3 hours) 15 hours per week plus evening performances • Additional time up to 1 hour per week during SSE season (Feb-April) • Schools with assistant directors: (Central, Kickapoo) no more that 2 hours per week. Except during SSE preparation (see below) High School Solos and Small Ensembles: (vocal and instrumental) • Preparing soloists and small ensembles for contest: no more than 3 hours per week • Accompanist for day of festival: $25/per event • State SSE accompanists: $50/event
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