Current Opening - Preschool Teacher - Altadena, Allen

Stratford School, Altadena, California

Date PostedDecember 27, 2017
IndustryK-12: Independent Schools
Job StatusNot Specified
SalaryNot Specified

Stratford School encourages enthusiastic and inspiring teachers to lead innovation, collaboration, and drive academic excellence.

The Stratford education is an experience unlike others. Our culture of care and connection is what makes us a special place for students, families, and faculty. Our Spirit & Values serve as our guiding beacon as we pave the way for our students' futures. We value our employees, students, parents, and community. Respect and integrity are cornerstones of our character and commitment to one another. We foster educational excellence and citizenship in our students through outstanding teaching and a customer service culture.


Teamwork is our focus and every role is interconnected and valued. We aim to create a school with open doors and joyful warmth, where everyone is seen and heard. Our culture of connectivity promotes social intelligence, cultural sensitivity, and community. Joyful people create better educational outcomes. By empowering extraordinary teachers with a rigorous curriculum that blends tradition with 21st century learning, Stratford School achieves academic excellence. We encourage children's natural curiosity to reach for things they don't yet understand, and unleash their courage to grasp opportunities others don't yet see.

The Preschool Teacher is responsible for the general supervision and management of the classroom children age’s two to five. This person must be professionally prepared as a teacher of young children, including meeting the minimum educational requirements as set forth by the local licensing agency. Additionally, the teacher agrees to uphold the high expectations and standards of Stratford Schools.

Duties & Responsibilities:

  • Be alert at all times by providing proper visual supervision.
  • Abide by all local licensing agency regulations as well as Stratford safety protocols.
  • Plan, supervise, and implement the curriculum in accordance with Stratford School policies and procedures.
  • Responsible for the ordered arrangement, appearance, and décor of the classroom environment. This will include sharing the joint housekeeping responsibilities of the staff.
  • Attend all staff meetings, Stratford Teacher training sessions, and in-house training programs.
  • Regularly maintain classroom bulletin boards displaying student artwork.
  • Monitor and assess student progress. Maintain close communication with the principal and parents regarding student issues, conferencing as deemed necessary.
  • Submit weekly lesson plans to the principal.
  • Establish our non-punitive method of classroom discipline, seeking positive rather than negative methods to correct student behavior
  • Implement the Stop and Think Social Skills program as promoted by Stratford School.
  • Participation in all school events, including but not limited to:

Parent Orientations, Workshops and Conferences
Winter/Spring Programs
Open House
Stratford School’s Annual Family Events
Staff Meetings
August Teacher Training Workshops

  • Perform daily tasks and responsibilities with integrity, making effective use of time schedules and not requiring constant reminders to complete tasks.
  • Treat all children with dignity and respect.
  • Demonstrate patience and self-control in dealing with students and staff.
  • Display energy and enthusiasm, maintaining evident interest in the job.
  • Contribute and share ideas freely with other staff members.
  • Use appropriate language in and out of the classroom.
  • Appropriately dressed, well groomed, and neat.


Strong customer service skills, both external and internal
Builds interpersonal relationships
Alert to the needs of others, students, and co-workers
Punctual and reliable
Excellent oral and written communication skills

Skills/Knowledge/Education: (Must have 1 of the following)

    1. Prior to being hired, a teacher shall have twelve post-secondary semester units or equivalent quarter units in early childhood education or child development completed, with passing grades (C or better), at an accredited or approved college or university. The units specified shall include courses that cover the general areas of child growth and development, child, family, and community, and program/curriculum. An official transcript from the approved university/college must verify the coursework.
    2. A current and valid Child Development Associate credential with the appropriate age-level endorsement issued by CDA National Credentialing Program of the Council for Early Childhood Professional Recognition.
    3. A Child Development Permit issued by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing.
    4. BA Degree in Child Development.

Physical Requirements:

Position requires a high level of energy with the ability to move from a sitting to standing position frequently. Must be able to bend, stoop, and perform extensive walking. Be able to move quickly from one place to another to ensure safety. Can lift up to 30 pounds and is able to work indoors and outdoors. Must be able to supervise students by sight and sound.
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