Coach -Tennis Assistant Boys Coach/Espanola Valley High School

Espanola Valley High School, Espanola, New Mexico

Date PostedFebruary 14, 2019
IndustryK-12: Public Schools
Job StatusPart-time
SalaryNot Specified

Job Description

Reports to: Athletic Director/Coordinator and High School Principal


  1. Have at least five years coaching experience.
  2. Hold certification through NFHS, which includes:
  1. NFHS Fundamentals of Coaching
  2. First Aid, Health and Safety for Coaches
  3. Sport Specific (courses) Football, Basketball, Volleyball, X-Country, wrestling, etc.
  4. Concussions in Sports
  5. Sportsmanship
  6. Creating a Safe and Respectful Environment
  7. A Guide to Heat Acclimatization
  1. Possesses and maintains a moral character that is in congruence with the expectations of the Board of Education.
  2. Possesses all qualifications and criteria established by the Public Education Department and NMAA.
  3. Possesses a good knowledge of the sport assigned including, but not limited to knowledge of training and conditioning techniques and the ability to diagnose player deficiencies and prescribe corrective activities.
  4. Possesses a good ability to communicate with parents and students.

Goals and Performance Responsibilities:

Goal A: To manage and supervise the assigned athletic program, grades 7-12

  1. Assign duties and responsibilities to assistant coaches with approval of the athletic director.
  2. Coordinate the issuance, care and inventory of equipment, supplies (medical, as well as other), and uniforms.
  3. Assist the athletic director/coordinator in purchasing equipment, supplies, and uniforms for the particular sport.
  4. Assist the athletic director coordinator in developing the annual budget.
  5. Assist the athletic director coordinator in scheduling independent games and officials.
  6. Supervise students at all times from the time practice or activity starts until students leave for home. At no time should students be without direct supervision of a coach.
  7. Coordinate the security of all facilities used by the team and coaching staff.
  8. Submit the following forms to the athletic director coordinator:
  1. Complete team roster forms
  2. Complete awards, season records, inventory forms, and lost equipment forms immediately at the conclusion of the season.
  3. All other forms required by the athletic director coordinator.
  1. Endure the proper completion of physical examinations and all forms relating to the examinations and emergency medical authorization before a student participates.
  2. Ensure proper completion and have in possession parental emergency release forms when the team is traveling.
  3. Coordinate the distribution, collection, storage of athletic equipment, uniforms, and supplies (during the season and at its conclusion), and for the collection of fees for lost equipment and uniforms by athletes.
  4. Show respect for officials, press, opposing coaches, visiting teams, parents, fans, students, athletes, fellow coaches, teachers and supervisors.
  5. Be a leader among young student athletes as an athletic coach and as a classroom teacher (if applicable).
  6. Be responsible for security at all facilities used by team and coaching staff when custodians are not on duty.
  7. Set up all scouting trips and meetings with coaches.
  8. Perform any other duties or responsibilities related to the coaching position as needed or directed by the athletic director coordinator and/or the high school principal.

Goal B: To establish an environment in which athletes can gain self-esteem and develop a positive self-image

  1. Be responsible for awards for awards presentation made during annual awards program, and incorporating total coaching staff.
  2. Demonstrate an interest in the classroom efforts and off-season activities of athletes.
  3. Provide leadership that promotes positive attitudes and good sportsmanship.
  4. Work with athletes in a fair, understanding, tolerant, sympathetic, and patient manner.
  5. Encourage students to participate in more than one sport.
  6. Promote school and community interest in the sport by:
  1. Appearing at school pep rallies
  2. Holding preseason parent meetings
  3. Attending elementary/middle school programs as part of the recruiting process
  4. Maintaining a pleasant, workable relationship with the news media
  5. Preparing public address announcements for in-school reading
  1. Notify all members of the team of all policies, procedures, and training rules as they pertain to the team.
  2. Be responsible for the conduct of student athletes and other involved students all times -- practices, games bus rides, other schools, etc.
  3. Promote unity within the coaching staff and within the framework of the athletic department
  4. Ensure representation from all groups within the student body by providing opportunity for students in all stages of development.

Goal C: To establish winning teams within the bounds of good sportsmanship.

  1. Develop teamwork, moral, sportsmanship, courtesy, fair play, academic excellence, and strict adherence to rules of training and conduct.
  2. Promote the attitude among athletes and coaches that winning is important but is secondary to good sportsmanship and the overall welfare of the athlete.

The job description listed is meant as a guideline and, in absence of specific direction, it is understood that reasonable decisions must be made and must act on those decisions to ensure that the district goals are met.

It is understood that all qualifications and requirements will be met as per the district.

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