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January 18, 2018
Date Posted January 11, 2018
Industry K-12: Public Schools
Location Kent, Washington
Job Status Part-time
Salary Not Specified


Kent Elementary School believes in daily excellence from students and staff. We serve a culturally diverse population of students from 1st through 6th grades. Our Kindergarten students are located at a close by early learning campus. Kent Elementary is located at 24700 64th Avenue South in the downtown Kent vicinity. Our average enrollment is 625 students with approximately 5 classes per grade level. The school enjoys strong support with 4 full-time instructional coaches, band/music/orchestra teachers, physical education specialists, librarian, counselor and psychologist. Special programs at Kent Elementary include: a school-wide Title/LAP program, academic intervention support in classrooms, Odyssey [highly capable] programs for 3rd through 6th, and English Language Learner support in classrooms. Kent Elementary offers some of the most up to date technology for instruction and learning. The staff is collaborative and innovative with diverse experiences. It is a community with high expectations for all students and staff.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This position is part of the KEA bargaining unit. The status of this continuing position may be changed due to special circumstances.
ASSIGNMENT: The purpose of this position is to provide counseling services in a K - 6 grade elementary school. Under the direction of the building principal, the counselor shall be responsible for developing, instructing, and evaluating the school's comprehensive guidance programs, and facilitating the conflict management program. Successful candidate must be willing to consult with parents, teachers, community agencies, and others pursuant to acquiring and exchanging information; establishing programs, and maintaining cooperative partnerships with the child and their educational program; conduct counseling for one-on-one and small groups outside the classroom; make home and community visitation as needed; initiate and maintain records, confidential information, and reports as required by school district policy, and as required in order to professionally execute duties and responsibilities.
  1. Valid Washington State certificate as a school counselor, ESA endorsement required and must be on file prior to beginning work.
  2. Ability to communicate effectively and maintain confidentiality
  1. Major in counseling and guidance
  2. ELL endorsement
  3. Candidate with teaching experience or experience working with elementary students
  4. Candidate should have proven ability to work with groups of students who face similar life challenges
  5. Candidate should be adept at working with parents as well as students
  6. Experience with a conflict manager program
  7. Must be willing to conduct appropriate developmental guidance activities in both small and large groups and assist classroom teachers in developing and utilizing guidance materials and programs within the classroom
  8. Knowledge of guidance and counseling principles, practices, and techniques
  9. Knowledge of the concerns, problems, and issues important to students
  10. Knowledge of rules, regulations, and polices pertaining to the counseling of students
  11. Ability to analyze and synthesize data to produce accurate records and reports
  12. Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with students, parents, other employees, and others as needed
  13. Ability to exhibit multicultural and ethnic understanding and sensitivity with the ability to communicate effectively with all cultural groups in the school community.
  14. Experience working with a diverse student population and the specific school demographics
  15. Desired characteristics are: flexibility; ability to organize ideas, time and materials to accomplish goals; enthusiasm; ability to express ideas clearly and understand concepts being discussed; ability to learn new ideas and skills; ability and willingness to develop favorable relationships with students; knowledge of current approaches in counseling and willingness to model behavior deemed appropriate by the school district and the community.

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