The STEM Superhero of Sesame Street

How and why the lovable, mistake-prone Grover was selected to teach children about science, technology, and math. ...
Source: KATE STRINGER, TheAtlantic
Posted: Feb 28, 2017

The Optimal Seating Plan? Letting Your Students Choose

Allowing students to move the furniture can help you differentiate instruction and give your students more agency in their learning. ...
Source: Emelina Minero, Edutopia
Posted: Feb 28, 2017

Are Teachers Becoming Obsolete?

A veteran educator reflects on the personalized-learning trend that’s left him wondering if a computer is more capable of doing his job than he is. ...
Source: PAUL BARNWELL, The Atlantic
Posted: Feb 17, 2017

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5 Ways Teachers Are Fighting Fake News

As the national attention to fake news and the debate over what to do about it continue, one place many are looking for solutions is in the classroom. ...
Posted: Feb 16, 2017

Students Use Teacher’s Dog to Learn

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, but one teacher at Sixth Street Elementary School in New Mexico is using her puppy to teach her students new tricks. ...
Source: Stewart McClintic, scdailypress.com
Posted: Feb 07, 2017

Parents Aren't the Only Ones Split on Common Core

Many critics of the Common Core argue that the curriculum is far too broad and is anchored by political and bureaucratic interests rather than what is best for the child. ...
Source: KOREY RAYE LANE, Romper
Posted: Feb 01, 2017

Workshop Shows Mississippi Teachers How to Integrate STEM in Class

One teacher said incorporating STEM into her English class is something that already happens naturally when students are interested in a concept they just read about. ...
Source: Raina Hanna, The Commercial Appeal
Posted: Jan 30, 2017

Commentary: The Letter I Had to Write to My Child’s Teacher

As schools everywhere approach the 100th day of school, I hope parents find the two minutes it takes to jot a quick note to your child’s teacher. Express appreciation. Report back what your child has learned that ...
Source: Kim Mower, Washington Post
Posted: Jan 25, 2017

Commentary: STEM Education -- Revise Or Demise?

Malcolm Kushner argues that "while STEM deficiencies might lead to problems in the future, communication deficiencies are causing expensive disasters right now." ...
Source: Huffington Post
Posted: Jan 23, 2017

Students Inspire Teachers in Massachusetts School Video

A group of teachers at Chapel Hill - Chauncy Hall School in Waltham, Mass., decided to surprise some of their favorite students by telling them how much they inspire them. ...
Source: Ignacio Laguarda, wickedlocal.com
Posted: Jan 04, 2017

Florida Teacher Grants Fifth-Grader's Ultimate Dream

Fifth-grade teacher Leah Wheeler spent hours coordinating a surprise party for her student, Ben Davis, who is battling an aggressive form of cancer. ...
Source: Kaitlyn Chana, CBS 47
Posted: Jan 03, 2017

Maryland High School Teacher Removes Desks From Classroom

English teacher Lisa Fichthorn-Scumpieru said she was inspired by pictures she saw on Twitter of other teachers who were starting to "Starbucks" their classrooms. ...
Source: Julie E. Greene, heraldmailmedia.com
Posted: Jan 02, 2017