Nine Teaching Ideas for Using Music to Inspire Student Writing

In this teaching resource, nine music exercises are suggested to inspire student writing — from creating annotated playlists and critical reviews to music-inspired poetry and personal narratives. ...
Source: Natalie Proulx, NYTIMES
Posted: May 11, 2018

Another Way to Boost Teacher Pay: Parent Donations

Long before the groundswell of demands for higher teacher pay that led to a school walkout in Arizona, one of the state's high-profile charter schools found a novel way to boost teachers' income: Push parents to pay. ...
Source: Craig Harris, USAToday
Posted: May 10, 2018

Teach Here, and They'll Rent You a Home

Faced with an alarming shortage of teachers, South Carolina districts are taking unusual steps to fill vacancies — recruiting in other parts of the country, buying homes for teachers and funneling noneducation professionals into the classroom in a ...
Source: CODY DULANEY, The State
Posted: May 07, 2018

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Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools
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Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools
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Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools
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Paraeducator - Preschool Intensive (2nd Para)

Boulder Valley School District
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19-20 Lead Special Ed Teacher All Subjects, Grades K-12, $5000 Signing Bonus

KIPP Philadelphia Public Schools
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19-20 Elementary Liberty Teaching Fellow

KIPP Philadelphia Public Schools
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
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Teachers Are Happier Than Workers in Other Professions, Research Finds

The study's findings appear to be in sharp contrast to the widely reported pressures on teachers and school leaders as a result of excessive workloads and long hours. ...
Source: Hélène Mulholland, Tes.com
Posted: May 01, 2018

Forget Coding. It’s the Soft Skills, Stupid. And That’s What Schools Should Be Teaching.

While a college degree may be the strongest signal that someone is ready, it’s become increasingly less reliable than it once was, in part because it doesn’t indicate that students know the soft skills. ...
Source: Jeffrey J. Selingo, Washington Post
Posted: Apr 26, 2018

Teaching Preschoolers Learning Strategies: ‘What’ Meets ‘How’

During group time in a preschool classroom, a teacher asks the children to, “Raise a nice quiet hand,” in order to share an idea. What does a child need to know and do in order to comply with ...
Source: Felicia R. Truong, Brookings Institute
Posted: Apr 17, 2018

Teacher Wellness: Is It Time to Find a New Job?

Leaving a job is no easy decision. Is it the job itself that you want to leave, or are there other things going on that are impacting your feelings about your job? These five activities might help clarity ...
Source: Elena Aguilar, Edutopia.org
Posted: Apr 04, 2018

New Physics Lessons Help Girls Catch Up

Many school pupils fail at physics because they misunderstand the fundamental concepts. A new teaching method can change this , according to researchers have now proven its effect. ...
Source: Michael Walther, phys.org
Posted: Mar 26, 2018

Teacher Turnover Is a Symptom of a Nationwide Shortage of Educators

The teacher shortage is not easy to solve, and many states are seeking creative solutions. For example, Arizona instituted a new certification program that allows college graduates who have no training to be a teacher. ...
Source: Tara Dale, The74Million
Posted: Mar 26, 2018

Five Hands-On Ways to Teach Telling Time

Telling time to the nearest minute can be difficult for many students. Here are some fun ways to teach telling time that will make it enjoyable and easier to grasp. ...
Source: Erin Bittman, WeAreTeachers
Posted: Feb 28, 2018

A Map of Kids' Trauma in the U.S.

When kids are exposed to traumatic violence, short-term symptoms start immediately after such incidents and include trouble focusing, managing emotions, and negotiating relationships. ...
Source: Mimi Kirk, TheAtlantic
Posted: Feb 27, 2018

What’s the Right Amount of Homework?

Decades of research show that homework has some benefits, especially for students in middle and high school—but there are risks to assigning too much. ...
Source: Youki Terada, Edutopia
Posted: Feb 23, 2018