Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools, Nashville, Tennessee

Date PostedJanuary 19, 2018
IndustryK-12: Public Schools
Job StatusNot Specified
SalaryNot Specified

DEPARTMENT NAME: Support Services Department

JOB SUMMARY: The School Social Worker works collaboratively through Cluster Support Teams with other Social Workers, MSAC (Metro Student Attendance Center), and Court Liaison, local Schools, Parents, Students, Principals and others to provide services to individuals, student groups and families to assist in reducing student truancy, improving student discipline and removing social barriers that impede learning.

PRIMARY JOB FUNCTIONS:List, in the order of time spent, the essential tasks performed by the position. Employees may be assigned additional duties by management as required:
Job Responsibility 1:Provide clinical counseling to individuals, student groups and their families.
Job Responsibility 2:
Provide case management/wrap-around services to students and their families.
Job Responsibility 3:
Works collaboratively through Cluster Support Teams to reduce student truancy, improve student discipline and remove social barriers that impede learning.
Job Responsibility 4:Develop and assist in the implementation of plans for interventions with students which may include Crisis Intervention and Threat Assessments while working with District Crisis Teams.
Job Responsibility 5:Uses the Data Warehouse and SMS programs to assess the needs of students to enhance their school performance by providing optimal Social Work Services to students that show improved indicators in the areas of academics, attendance and discipline.
Job Responsibility 6:Provides Mental Health and Psychosocial assessments and evaluations of students referred and offer professional recommendations to multidisciplinary teams (schools, administrators, nurses, special education, etc.)
Job Responsibility 7:Coordinates joint conferences with Parents/School Personnel to integrate new and returning students who may be experiencing social problems.
Job Responsibility 8:Make home visits with other school personnel


DATA RESPONSIBILITY: “Data Responsibility” refers to information, knowledge, and conceptions obtained by observation, investigation, interpretation, visualization, and mental creation. Data are intangible and include numbers, words, symbols, ideas, concepts, and oral verbalizations.

Coordinates or determines time, place, or sequence of operations or activities based on analysis of data and possibly executes determinations or reports on events. Also evaluates data or information and possibly recommends action based on results.

PEOPLE RESPONSIBILITY: “People Responsibility” refers to individuals who have contact with or are influenced by the position.

Instructs or trains others through explanation, demonstration, and supervised practice, or by making recommendations on the basis of technical disciplines. Works closely with students, families and school personnel.

ASSETS RESPONSIBILITY: “Assets Responsibility” refers to the responsibility for achieving economies or preventing loss within the organization.

Requires responsibility and opportunity for achieving considerable economies and/or preventing considerable losses through the management of a minor department, and/or handling of very large amounts of money.

MATHEMATICAL REQUIREMENTS: “Mathematics” deals with quantities, magnitudes, and forms and their relationships and attributes by the use of numbers and symbols.

Uses addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division; may compute ratios, rates, and percentages

COMMUNICATIONS REQUIREMENTS: “Communications” involves the ability to read, write, and speak.

Must be able to communicate effectively with diverse populations and be able to speak publically or conduct workshops.
Reads journals and manuals; composes specialized reports and business letters using proper format and grammar; speaks to groups of coworkers and people outside the organization.

COMPLEXITY OF WORK: “Complexity of Work” addresses the analysis, initiative, ingenuity, creativity, and concentration required by the position and the presence of any unusual pressures.

Performs work involving the application of logical principles and thinking to solve practical problems, which may include solving both people and work related problems within or applying to a unit or division of the organization; requires continuous, close attention for accurate results and frequent exposure to unusual pressure.
Provides assessments and evaluations of students referred.
IMPACT OF DECISIONS: “Impact of Decisions” refers to consequences such as damage to property, loss of data or property, exposure of the organization to legal liability, or injury or death to individuals.

Makes decisions with serious impact - affects most units in organization, and may affect citizens.

EQUIPMENT USAGE: “Equipment Usage” refers to inanimate objects such as substances, materials, machines, tools, equipment, work aids, or products. A thing is tangible and has shape, form, and other physical characteristics.

Establishes methods and procedures for acquiring and handling machines, tools, equipment, or work aids involving extensive latitude for judgment regarding attainment of standard or in selecting appropriate items.

SAFETY OF OTHERS: “Safety of Others” refers to the responsibility for other people’s safety, either inherent in the job or to assure the safety of the general public.

Requires some responsibility for safety and health of others and/or for occasional enforcement of the standards of public safety or health.


EDUCATION REQUIREMENTS: “Education Requirements” refers to job specific training and education required for entry into the position.
Applicant must possess a Master’s degree in Social Work.

LICENSES, CERTIFICATIONS, AND REGISTRATIONS REQUIRED: “Licenses, Certifications, and Registrations” refers to professional, state, or federal licenses, certifications, or registrations required to enter the position.

Must be Licensed by the Tennessee Department of Education in School Social Work or be eligible for that license.

EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS: “Experience Requirements” refers to the amount of work experience that is required for entry into the position that would result in reasonable expectation that the person can perform the tasks required by the position.

Three (3) years of experience working with children in a related field preferred but not required.

More specific degree, certification, and experience requirements will be included in the position announcement as vacancies occur.


Metropolitan Nashville Public Schools is an Equal Opportunity Employer. ADA requires MNPS to provide adequate accommodations to qualified persons with disabilities. Prospective and current employees are encouraged to discuss ADA accommodations with management.

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