Teacher, Special Education Integrated Program .6FTE - PL1710

Panther Lake Elementary School, Kent, Washington

Date PostedDecember 26, 2017
IndustryK-12: Public Schools
Job StatusPart-time
SalaryNot Specified

Panther Lake Elementary School is located in Kent at 10200 SE 216th Street. In September, 2009 Panther Lake opened its brand new building located approximately 1 mile south of our previous location. This 57,000 square foot building is the new prototype for elementary schools in the Kent School District and is considered to be among the most state of the art schools in Kent and Washington with regard to technology resources, equipment and opportunities for students, as well as for its timeless and environmentally friendly design. There is a traditional heterogeneous grouping of 570 children in grades K-6. The service area consists of approximately 58% single-family residents and 42% apartment dwelling residents. A strong history of community is present at Panther Lake and is enhanced by the rich diversity of our children and families where ethnic minorities comprise approximately 75% of the student body. Our core academic program is supported and enhanced by an Integrated Program Resource Room, a Title I Reading and Math Program, a Learning Assistance Program (LAP) for math and reading, an English Language Learner (ELL) Program, and full-day kindergarten. To learn more about our school and new building, please visit our website at http://www1.kent.k12.wa.us/ksd/PL/.

ASSIGNMENT: Our integrated program is specially designed instruction within general education classes. Candidate will plan, coordinate and provide services for students, parents and staff to assess and improve the effectiveness of education within the Kent School District; work with staff, families and/or agencies to develop needed service options; cooperate with the special education director, principals, staff members and community in implementation of a comprehensive instructional program for special needs students.
ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: This position is part of the KEA bargaining unit. Position start and stop times to be determined.
1. Appropriate Washington State teaching certification with appropriate endorsements required (must include Special Education) and must be on file prior to beginning work.
2. Must be deemed highly qualified per NCLB standards in any core subjects taught.
3. Ability and willingness to provide medical or health services such as catheterization, diapering, toileting, feeding, tube feeding and assisting students with other activities involving self-care, which may be required.
1. Bachelor’s or master’s degree with major/minor in special education
2. ELL endorsement
3. Thorough knowledge of special education laws and the ability to plan, implement and evaluate individualized programs for students.
4. Background/experience in team teaching (in-class and pull-out models) and be willing to work with high needs students.
5. Ability to establish rapport with staff, students, community, and create strong interagency linkages.
6. Possess strong management skills and the ability to develop and implement programs based on individual student needs (physical, personal hygiene, feeding, communications, transition, etc.), establish goals, and plan in-service and activities to meet those stated goals.
7. Knowledge of differing student learning styles.
8. Comfortable with team teaching, integration with regular classroom, inclusion, and some small groups.
9. Demonstrated strength in a variety of behavior management approaches.
10. Ability to exhibit multicultural and ethnic understanding and sensitivity with the ability to communicate effectively with all cultural groups in the school community.
11. Experience working with a diverse student population and the specific school demographics
12. Desired teacher characteristics are: flexibility; ability to organize ideas, time and materials to accomplish goals; enthusiasm; ability to express ideas clearly and understand concepts being discussed; ability to learn new ideas and skills; ability and willingness to develop favorable relationships with students; knowledge of current approaches to teaching; and willingness to model behavior deemed appropriate by the school district and the community.

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