High School Physics/AP Physics for 2018-2019 SY

The Academy for Technology and the Classics, Santa Fe, New Mexico

Date PostedJune 04, 2018
IndustryK-12: Charter Schools
Job StatusFull-time
Certificate Needed Yes, New Mexico License with a 6-12 endorsement in Science
Education Bachelor's Degree

School Overview

The Academy for Technology and the Classics is a grades 7-12 public charter school in Santa Fe, New Mexico. We maintain a familial atmosphere with a dedicated and highly qualified faculty. Our teachers are deeply collaborative, passionate about teaching, have strong classroom management skills, and commit to helping students reach their full potential. ATC is a nationally top-ranked, college preparatory school.

Job Summary

This position is a full-time teaching position in our Science department for courses in Physics, AP Physics, and Physical Science (8th Grade). Course assignments may change based on leading candidate qualifications and master scheduling adjustments for the next school year.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Curriculum development and implementation for all assigned courses. Students are meaningfully engaged in rigorous learning "from bell to bell." Lesson plans are submitted weekly for faculty and administrative review.
  • Assessment design and analysis for all assigned courses. Highly effective use of informal and formal assessments to inform students, faculty, and families of academic progress and individual needs. Grades are updated weekly.
  • Student Advisory, "College Crew," planning and implementation. All full-time faculty collaboratively design a grade-level College Crew course which meets weekly to support students attaining college and career readiness.
  • Parent/family engagement and communication. In College Crew, parents are contacted weekly to communicate concerns regarding attendance and academics. For all courses, faculty are required to utilize digital communication tools such as course websites to inform students and families of course expectations and progress.
  • Professional collaboration and learning. All faculty are reflective practitioners regularly participating in book-study, professional learning communities, departmental and grade-level team meetings. Weekly participation in at least two collaborative planning settings is typical.
  • Personalized learning and support for all students. In a rigorous, college prep environment all students are supported to achieve their highest potential. All faculty regularly collaborate with their IEP teams and case managers to implement highly effective individualized education plans for students with exceptional learning needs.
  • School operations. All faculty assist in the orderly operation of the school, equitably apply and adhere to school policies/procedures, and perform one supervisory duty per week.

Qualifications and Skills

  • All faculty must be licensed to teach in New Mexico and endorsed/highly qualified in the subject areas to which they apply. Please contact the New Mexico Public Education Department's Licensure Bureau to verify state reciprocity requirements. Pre-service candidates should demonstrate enrollment in/completion of alternative licensure programming that qualifies the candidate for provisional New Mexico licensing.
  • Leading candidates will demonstrate proficiency in the social-emotional dimensions of teaching. ATC understands that building effective relationships and rapport is the cornerstone to creating rigorous classroom and school environments that promote intellectual risk for all students and staff.
  • Leading candidates will demonstrate proficiency in digital tools for the classroom, including but not limited to MS suite, Google suite, data interpretation and analytics, interactive whiteboards/peripherals, and various learning management systems (LMS).

Benefits and Perks

  • ATC participates in both the New Mexico Educational Retirement (NMERB) and New Public Schools Insurance Authority (NMPSIA) benefit and insurance programs. Please visit NMERB and NMPSIA for further information on plan offerings. Voluntary benefits, insurance, and retirement programs are available on both pre-tax and taxed bases.
  • ATC contracts full-time faculty for an 8-hour day. This typically results in highly competitive compensation in comparison to other schools in the region. ATC believes in high expectations-high support. Our contract/scheduling affords our faculty 2.5 hours per day non-instructional time for planning, preparation, and collaboration.
  • ATC believes in "work hard, play hard." ATC has adjusted our school calendar to provide faculty and students a full week off for the Thanksgiving holiday. Faculty submit documentation of attendance in extra-curricular school events and non-contract professional development to account for the additional days off contract.
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