High School Education & Human Services Instructor

Milton Hershey School, Hershey, Pennsylvania

Date PostedJanuary 24, 2019
IndustryK-12: Independent Schools
Job StatusNot Specified
SalaryNot Specified
Certificate Needed Yes
Education Bachelor's Degree

Milton Hershey School (MHS) is seeking a dynamic High School Education & Human Services Instructor to begin in May of 2019.  MHS’s High School serves over 900 lower-income students enrolled in 9th through 12th grade. MHS strives to provide small class sizes (average of 1/15 – 18) and well-resourced classrooms which includes state-of-the-art technology for students and faculty.  The School is committed to providing education and work experiences to prepare students for post-secondary careers.  Education & Human Services is one of the 12 career tracks that enrolled students may choose to pursue. 

The Education & Human Services Instructor is responsible for the development and delivery of the Education & Human Services curriculum, leading to the ability for MHS students enrolled in the program to earn career-related certifications and have readiness for post-secondary studies and/or employment post-graduation across a variety of careers in the Education or Human Services fields.  MHS has a wide range of Career and Technical Education resources, enabling the Instructors to create real world experiences on campus and via local partnerships.  The Education & Human Services program will include coursework and work experiences such as co-ops and internships to enable students to attain critical skills and understanding of future career opportunities.  The program will be designed to ensure that every enrolled student gains at least 2 or more industry certifications in a related field.      

This position is a part of the Career and Technical Education (CTE) team.  This team collaborates closely with the High School teachers so that the classroom education leverages opportunities for curriculum integration.  The CTE team also works extensively with local resources to facilitate real world experiences, frequent guest speakers, and site visits so students see the real world applicability of their studies.  There is also a partnership with other MHS staff to provide for work experiences, summer experiences and more. 

MHS Instructors and Teachers plan, prepare, and deliver lessons that are engaging, meaningful and rigorous. Additionally, they create and analyze formative and summative assessments to differentiate instruction, design programming, and accommodate individual student and whole group needs.  This position entails data utilization including the ability to analyze, interpret and apply the information to drive achievement.  This position also requires a deep commitment to remediating students to perform well on their grade level assignments. 

Teachers collaborate extensively with fellow faculty and other MHS staff to ensure a whole child approach is taken to student development.  In addition to the core academic curriculum, MHS Teachers are responsible for supporting School initiatives such as social & emotional learning and wellness.  Teachers are also required to schedule and complete an additional duty to their teaching schedules.


- Bachelor’s degree in an Education or Human Services-related field required. 

- Masters degree preferred.

- Instruction of Education and/or Human Services-related courses at the college or university level preferred.

- Instruction of pedagogical practices across multiple age groups preferred.

- Industry Certifications preferred.

- Demonstrated successful instructional experience required, preferably with high school students from lower income.

- Demonstrated success in creating engaging, rigorous and relevant learning experiences for a diverse student population.

- Demonstrated success utilizing data to drive classroom instruction and develop instructional plans and curriculum.

- Exceptional skills in behavior management are required. 

- Demonstrated skills in applying current trends in education including utilizing technology in the classroom, including 21st century learning skills.

- Demonstrated skills in differentiating instruction and collaborating with learning support and fellow faculty.  Must also be able to work as a positive and contributing member of multi-disciplinary teams.  

- Demonstrated skills in using creative teaching strategies to increase students’ ability to think critically and be inspired to learn about world languages and culture.

- Excellent organizational and multi-tasking skills are required.

- Must demonstrate a high degree of integrity as all MHS staff are considered to be role models for MHS students.

- MHS desires candidates who are “all in” and are interested in actively engaging with students beyond the classroom in a variety of extra-curricular opportunities.  Coaching experience is a plus.

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