Dean of Expeditions and Enrichment (Grades 5-8)

Achievement First Public Charter Schools, Brooklyn, Providence,

Date PostedMarch 13, 2019
IndustryK-12: Charter Schools
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Dean of Expeditions and Enrichment (Grades 5-8)
Start Date: July 1, 2019
Location: Brooklyn, NY and Providence, RI

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Imagine. Innovate. Empower.

Do you believe that schools should help students discover their passions so they feel agency over their own learning? Do you believe in learning that is fun, hands-on and relevant to student interests? Do you believe all students should have access to high quality instruction in the arts, athletics, and computer science? Do you believe in celebrating students’ identities and giving them opportunities to build deeper connections to their community? Then join us to help build the school of the future. Achievement First’s Greenfield schools are developing truly transformational experiences for students, and the Dean of Expeditions and Enrichment is a school-based leader who plays a critical role in driving some of Greenfield’s most innovative and exciting programs.

We believe success takes a team. Help lead ours.

About Achievement First:
Achievement First, a non-profit 501(c)3 charter school management organization, operates over 30 public charter schools in Brooklyn, Connecticut and Rhode Island. The mission of Achievement First is to deliver on the promise of equal educational opportunity for all children, regardless of race or economic status. Achievement First currently educates more than 12,600 students in historically underserved neighborhoods, with over 90% of our students identifying as Black and Latino. With its college preparatory focus, the Achievement First approach is attaining breakthrough academic gains throughout the network. Beyond our students and schools, Achievement First is an engaged and prominent partner in the larger conversation about how to improve public education and student achievement in our country.

About Greenfield
In 2015, Achievement First launched an innovative school model that we call Greenfield . Greenfield is ground-up redesign of the middle and high school with the goal of dramatically increasing college persistence. In fall 2019 we will open our fifth Greenfield Campus. Achievement First’s Greenfield schools provide rigorous, high-quality instruction within a nurturing school community focused on developing self-motivated learners, problem-solvers and leaders. Greenfield is currently focused on
Achievement First is an Equal Opportunity Employer grades 5-7 and growing to 8th grade in 20-21 and HS in the 21-22 school year. Our students benefitfrom:
- Self-directed work powered by a Personalized Learning Platform.
- Rigorous and rewarding core academic classes.
- Twice daily enrichments of scholar choice.
- Hands-on, experiential learning that deepens and extends what students learn in the classroom through two-week long expeditions three times a year.
- Social emotional learning and small-group mentoring to develop social-emotional skills and goal setting skills.
- Student curated dream teams that consist of teachers, family members and other significant influencers in a scholar’s life. This team works to help scholars achieve scholar goals.
- Intervention built into the fabric of the school day.
- An awesomely powerful community where school, home and the broader community link arms in support of scholar development and achievement.

At Greenfield, we strive to ensure all scholars excel on our four College Success Factors:

- Academical Preparation: Our students will ALL achieve at the highest levels – they’ll be competitive with the best students in the US and abroad and fully prepared for the rigors of college coursework.

- Academical Independence: Students can become the agents of their success through ownership and personalization.

- Social Emotional Strength : Habits of success can and should be taught. Students need to experience the joy and excellence that comes from enrichment outside of traditional academics.

- Personal Why : A deeply held and individually developed personal drive to achieve grounded in personal interests and motivation.

For more information about Achievement First’s mission, approach, schools and team, please visit our website at

Expeditions & Enrichment at Greenfield
Expeditions are two week mini-courses that give students new and exciting learning experiences – a hands on, real-world taste of career and college options. Expeditions aim to spark student passions and give them a chance to learn more about themselves. The end of expeditions showcase is a chance for students to cultivate presentation skills and build awesomely powerful community as families come to school and celebrate their learning. Greenfield students have 3 rounds of expeditions each year.
Greenfield schools also have robust enrichment programs. Students get to choose two disciplines from
6 options offered at each school - one physical education course (dance, sports, or martial arts) and one other enrichment course (theater, band, or coding & robotics). These courses meet during the regular school day for the entire year, enabling students to develop deep performance skill. Through intensive daily practice and a multi-year commitment, students are able to pursue excellence. In enrichment, students become more than scholars - they become flutists and trombonists, robotics engineers, Hip
Hop dancers, and martial arts masters.
Achievement First is an Equal Opportunity Employer
At Greenfield, we want students to love school. We want students to explore their interests and cultivate a strong sense of community. We want them to reflect and gain insight into their passions, and feel a sense of pride in their expertise and skills. That’s what expeditions and enrichment is all about.

Position Summary
The Dean of Expeditions and Enrichment is responsible for leading the school’s implementation of expeditions and enrichment. Working with leaders and teachers at your school, as well as the
Greenfield design team, you will lead the preparation, training, execution, and assessment of both expeditions and enrichment to realize the bold vision and goals of these programs.

Responsibilities of the position include but are not limited to:

- Lead the School’s Preparation and Execution of Expeditions
- Own and take primary responsibility for meeting the school’s expeditions goals.
- Manage the school’s expeditions project plan and ensure that everyone is clear and has the information and materials they need to execute their roles.
- Invest the school community (leaders, teachers, students and families) in expeditions and enrichment.
- Support teacher planning and intellectual preparation for expeditions .
- Facilitate professional development for expeditions teachers to develop their skills.
- Quarterback expeditions execution and ensure there is a coordinated and effective plan for leader and teacher support.
- Coach a portfolio of Expeditions teachers.
- Assess expeditions by analyzing student data and reflections, reviewing student products and performances, and developing a plan for improving the program.

- Train, Coach and Manage the Enrichment Team
- Own and take direct responsibility for meeting the school’s enrichment goals.
- Manage, coach and develop a portfolio of Enrichment teachers.
- Observe lessons regularly and deliver targeted feedback to teachers. Coordinate and manage the school’s after-school enrichment programs.
- Facilitate professional development for teachers during summer training and throughout the school year (including expedition and enrichment cohorts).
- Support teacher instructional planning for both daily classes and enrichment expeditions.
- Analyze data and student products and performances to drive program excellence and to support teachers in designing responsive student interventions.

- Participate Actively as a Member of the School’s Leadership Team
- Serve as an active member of the school leadership team and participate in regular leadership team meetings.
- Work closely with dean of students to support efforts in character development, strong habits, and positive school culture.
- Work closely with Team Greenfield’s expedition and enrichment team to ensure strong school-site execution and continuous improvement, and to develop and support the
Greenfield program across our campuses.

Skills and Characteristics
- You are committed to Achievement First’s mission, and have an unwavering belief that all students can and will succeed.
- You are passionate about enrichment (arts, sports, computer science) and have deep content expertise and teaching experience in one of these disciplines.
- You are passionate about experiential learning and hands on, progressive pedagogy and you are eager to share this passion with both students and teachers.
- You are a proven leader of adults and have a track record of developing teacher skills, building relationships and strong follow through.
- You model a growth mindset and are open to constantly improving yourself as a leader. You seek feedback constantly and take complete ownership over outcomes and the projects and people you manage.
- You are a strong communicator (verbal and written), critical thinker, problem solver, and collaborator. You are able to work effectively with a wide range of stakeholders: teachers, leaders, students, family and staff from Team Greenfield.
- You have strong organizational skills and are able to execute tasks with an acute attention to detail.
- You have robust project management skills or are excited to develop them.
- You embrace change, are a team player, are flexible and adaptive, and strive for continuous development.

Desired Experience and Education
- Bachelor’s degree from a competitive college or university
- 5+ years of relevant work experience, including at least two years of highly successful teaching experience (preferably in an enrichment discipline and/or expeditionary learning environment)
- Experience leading and managing adults preferred
- If not currently certified, a willingness to pursue certification

Salary for this position is competitive and commensurate with experience. Additionally, Achievement
First offers a comprehensive benefits package.
Achievement First is an Equal Opportunity Employer
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