Elementary Science Teacher

Promesa Academy Charter School, San Antonio, Texas

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Date Posted February 17, 2021
Industry K-12: Charter Schools
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Background on the Organization
Promesa Academy is deeply committed to ensuring that every child lives up to their power and potential through a quality public education. We are a new elementary school built upon research and innovative practices and are uniquely focused on educating students in San Antonio?s inner-city Westside. Through a departmentalized approach in the elementary years and a focus on making learning authentic and engaging, we believe that we can redefine what is possible in the elementary years.

At Promesa, you are joining a founding team with the unique opportunity to build a school from the ground up. If you are looking for the chance to drive transformative change in underserved communities and contribute to the movement to close the achievement gap in our lifetime, look no further than us.
Please visit our website, www.promesaacademy.org, for additional information.

You are a person who loves science and who deeply believes that science instruction, specifically in the elementary years, can be drastically improved or redesigned to ensure that students love science for what it is and for how it enriches their lives and understandings of the world around them, and not merely as a fun experiment that spans a class period or unit. You know that deep understanding requires students to engage authentically with the content through the scientific process and participating in meaningful conversations about their learning. You are a teacher who focuses on tying scientific concepts together in ways that result in thorough understanding and you know that all students are capable of achieving and learning amazing things. You deeply believe that excellent science education can have a far-reaching impact on a child's life, and you love designing innovative learning experiences and structures to make that happen for your students, starting in Kindergarten.

Salary Scale
We believe that the work our teachers do is priceless and wish that we lived in a world where teachers were compensated more fairly. We have made it a priority to ensure that our salary scale is competitive to that of surrounding districts and promise to continue to be champions for our teachers, advocating for higher teacher pay as we work towards a world where teachers are truly valued for the work they do.
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