Assistant Tennis Coach, OHS

Ottumwa Community School District

Ottumwa, Iowa

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Date Posted January 25, 2023
Industry K-12: Public Schools
Specialty Not Specified
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Job ID #3030

Position: Assistant Tennis Coach, OHS

Location: OHS


1. All coaches should be familiar with the rules of the Iowa High School Athletic Association and/or the Iowa Girls’ High School Athletic Union as well as the policies of the Ottumwa Community School District and the policies of their respective sport for the Central Iowa Metropolitan League.
2. All coaching activities are to be organized and supervised by the coaches, as to insure student safety. Be aware of unsafe equipment and/or facilities and report such to the Athletic Director immediately.
3. Coaches are to be at all practice sessions, games, and contests on time and are to be dressed appropriately.
4. Cooperation is an essential part of the Ottumwa High School athletic program. Coaches should cooperate with coaches of other sports and support each other in an ethical manner.
5. All coaches are responsible to motivate individual athletes and to promote team morale and spirit. Highly motivated athletes and teams are the most successful. Coaches at OHS are expected to use positive motivation techniques.
6. Coaches are held responsible for the conduct of their squad members during practice, at games and on trips. Coaches are to demand their squad members conduct themselves as ladies or gentlemen at all times.
7. Purchasing of any team clothing, equipment or supplies must have prior approval of the Athletic Director.
8. Coaches must always be teachers first, coaches second. Coaches are expected to be able to conduct their classes on days of practice and games. Coaches will not be expected to coach on days which they are absent from school.

Must have current Coaching Endorsement or Authorization and completed CPR training and Concussion course.

The Ottumwa Community School District has an established policy of equal employment opportunity with respect to race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, religion, age or disability. The district also has an established policy of taking affirmative action in recruitment, appointment, assignment, and advancement of women, minorities, and disabled. We expect the administration to make certain that no employee or applicant for employment be discriminated against because of race, color, national origin, gender (sex), age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, religion or creed.