Date Posted March 13, 2023
Industry K-12: Public Schools
Specialty Not Specified
Certification Needed
Job Status Full-time
Salary Not Specified



REPORTS TO: Principal / Assistant Principal


  1. Master’s Degree
  2. Georgia Certification in Guidance and Counseling
  3. Ability to relate well to students, parents, and co-workers.


  1. Is present at work everyday, on time, and performs all duties as assigned effectively and efficiently.
  2. Is neat and professional in appearance befitting the job they provide the school system.
  3. Shall exhibit a professional attitude and demeanor at all times in dealing with the board, school administration, fellow employees, parents, students, and the public.
  4. Demonstrates knowledge and proficiency in the use of internet and email as applicable to job responsibilities.
  5. Demonstrates knowledge and proficiency in the use of other computer applications as applicable to job responsibilities.
  6. Demonstrates appropriate verbal and written communication skills.
  7. Complies with school, system, state and federal regulations and policies, including the PSC Code of Ethics.
  8. Maintains confidentiality of sensitive information and material; adheres to chain of command.
  9. Maintains and improves knowledge and skills to promote proficiency in the operations of an organized, modern, updated and efficient department.
  10. Participates in professional organizations, workshops and professional learning activities and applies what is learned to the job working through the Principal and Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction.
  11. Exhibits time on task and a flexible, cooperative, progressive and hard working attitude and style.
  12. Supervises and evaluates programs as assigned.
  13. Assists administration with implementation of goals.
  14. Supports the vision/mission of the administration.
  15. Reports to principal about status of programs.
  16. Makes recommendations of appropriate actions and alternatives to the principal.
  17. Keeps abreast of and informs the principal of current trends and developments concerning area of responsibility.
  18. Monitors compliance with policies and laws concerning area of responsibility.
  19. Collects data and prepares reports associated with the position as required by local, state and federal agencies.
  20. Helps to plan and develop the guidance program and the curriculum in relation to the needs of pupils.
  21. Helps each pupil with self-acceptance, development of personal decision-making competencies, and resolving problems.
  22. Maintains accurate and appropriate student records in a timely manner.
  23. Interprets information concerning pupils and communicates this information to the students, their parents, their teachers and others as needed.
  24. Helps to identify pupils with special abilities or needs.
  25. Collects and disseminates to pupils and their parents any information concerning school offerings, opportunities for further education, and career training.
  26. Makes appropriate referrals and maintains liaison and cooperative working relationships with other pupil personnel specialists and with agencies in the community as needed.
  27. Assists in providing placement services for pupils by helping teachers and administrators with advisement and scheduling.
  28. Helps students make appropriate choices of school programs and develop long-range plans of study.
  29. Helps students make the transition from one school level to another, from one school to another or from school to employment successfully.
  30. Coordinates placement work with others for the most effective use of the placement services available in the school and the community.
  31. Assist parents by acting as a consultant to them regarding the growth and development of their children and provides them with information concerning their children.
  32. Assists with coordinating state and local standardized testing of students.
  33. Performs other duties as assigned by the principal.

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