Assistant Boys Soccer Coach, OHS

Ottumwa Community School District, Ottumwa, Iowa

Date PostedDecember 06, 2018
IndustryK-12: Public Schools
Job StatusNot Specified
SalaryNot Specified
Assistant Boys Soccer Coach, OHS
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Assistant Coaches

1. Carry out all duties as assigned by the head coach of your sport.
2. Attend all organizational workshop or clinic activities as scheduled by the head coach whether in or out of season.
3. Help in getting facilities and equipment ready to be used and issued.
4. Help issue equipment.
5. Help to enforce proper care of equipment and uniforms by athletes on your squad.
6. Help with checking in, storing, and inventorying equipment.
7. Help in seeing that training rules are enforced and violations are reported.
8. Help in seeing that injuries are properly handled and injury reports made.
9. Help in seeing the locker rooms are properly supervised and maintained.
10. Be at all practice sessions and games unless otherwise assigned by the head coach or excused by the Athletic Director.
11. Recommend to the head coach any new equipment needed.
12. Only under the direction of the head coach are you to set policy or excuse members of the squad from attendance at practice games or meetings.
13. When an assistant coach is in charge of a squad or team, the regulations for head coaches listed above will apply.
14. Be loyal to your head coach. Any criticism or recommendations for improvement of the program should be made to the head coach.
15. Assist the Athletic Director and head coach in securing workers for various athletic events as requested.

The Ottumwa Community School District has an established policy of equal employment opportunity with respect to race, color, creed, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, religion, age or disability. The district also has an established policy of taking affirmative action in recruitment, appointment, assignment, and advancement of women, minorities, and disabled. We expect the administration to make certain that no employee or applicant for employment be discriminated against because of race, color, national origin, gender (sex), age, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, religion or creed.

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