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TeachNOLA Certified, New Orleans, Louisiana

Date PostedMarch 18, 2019
IndustryK-12: Charter Schools
SpecialtyGeneral Subjects
Job StatusFull-time
Certificate Needed Not applicable
Education Bachelor's Degree

Who We Are 

TeachNOLA Certified Teachers gives certified and student teachers from across the country the chance to push their practice to the next level and find a teaching career in New Orleans.

TeachNOLA Certified Teachers is for educators who want to level up their instructional practice while getting a head start on a career in a city known for blazing the trail in education. New Orleans’ innovative school community has created an education landscape like no other, with limitless potential for ambitious educators. But without an established network, getting started in New Orleans as a teacher new to the community can be challenging.

Who We Want 

Great teachers do more than boost student achievement. They change lives. We are looking for educators:

  • With an interest in working with underserved communities: Experienced teachers who have taught at high-performing schools. New teachers who have experience working with young people in urban settings. 
  • With diverse backgrounds: As role models to our students, we value educators with a diversity of backgrounds and life experiences. 
  • With a desire to learn and grow: As we become better educators, our students reap the benefits.
  • With a commitment to students: While all our schools have their own unique cultures, we share a commitment to partnering with families to meet the needs of the whole student.
  • Who understand of the importance of academic rigor: Our schools are committed to challenging students and delivering engaging instruction. 

Benefits of TeachNOLA Certified:

Starting early spring, we help participants make the transition to New Orleans with personalized instructional coaching and support with their job search.

  • Built-in Networking: TeachNOLA Certified Teachers will help you navigate New Orleans’ unique landscape every step of the way, so you’re set up for success in your new city.
  • Good to Great Institute.Good to Great is a learning experience that helps experienced teachers internalize high standards and approach every lesson with the belief that all kids—even kids who are far behind—can master challenging content. Participants work with experienced teachers and their peers to practice identifying, preparing for, and delivering challenging content—and receive immediate feedback to use as they hone their skills.

Why Teach NOLA Certified:

  • Skill Building: See what’s possible for students when they’re given a chance to tackle high-quality academic content.  Work with experienced teachers and peers to practice identifying, preparing for and delivering challenging content.
  • An Innovative Structure:  New Orleans is well known for blazing the trail in education with its innovative all-public-charter-school model.
  • Limitless Potential:  The unique education landscape of New Orleans means there’s no cap on potential for ambitious educators.


The program is designed for people with prior teaching experience. To be considered for the program, you must:

  • Have or be eligible for a professional teaching license from any state.
  • Have at least one year of teaching experience, which can be student teaching experience.

How to Apply

Ready to apply? Click here to complete the application before our upcoming deadline. 

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