(Classified) Paraprofessional (Kindergarten Aide)

Central, Guthrie, Oklahoma

Date Posted September 10, 2019
Industry K-12: Public Schools
Specialty Not Specified
Certification Needed
Job Status Full-time
Salary Negotiable


TITLE: Paraprofessional

QUALIFICATIONS: Certified Para Professional, 48 hours college credit, or must pass Paraprofessional test. Demonstrates aptitude for successful completion of assigned task

REPORTS TO: Principal, Asst. Principal and Assigned Teacher

JOB GOALS: To help provide a smoothly functioning class environment in which students can take full advantage of the instructional program and available resource materials.

PAY GRADE: Refer to the Support Salary Schedule


1. Assists teacher in educational process of the students.
2. Perform regular, cafeteria, bus, and recess duties as needed.
3. Take students to and from bathrooms.
4. Walk students to classes.
5. Assist the teacher in grading papers.
6. Assists with maintaining classroom materials.
7. Assists student loading and unloading the bus.
8. Supervise students when asked or assigned.
9. Assists with duplicating needed materials and helping with forms when asked to do so.
10. Helps with bulletin boards.
11. Substitutes in a class when the teacher is absent.
12. Performs such other tasks and assumes such other responsibilities as the principal or teacher may assign from time to time.

Same as the school calendar including professional days.

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