[2021-22] Associate Teacher Fellowship

Harlem Village Academies, Harlem, New York

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Date Posted February 22, 2021
Industry K-12: Charter Schools
Specialty Not Specified
Certification Needed
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The Opportunity

The Associate Teacher Fellowship is an opportunity to study in a small cohort with master practitioners at the Progressive Education Institute (PEI) while teaching at Harlem Village Academies (HVA), a network of charter schools in Harlem committed to progressive education.

PEI’s methodical coursework and mentoring are grounded in constant real-world practice and in a rich engagement with a variety of pedagogical approaches. We understand that becoming a great teacher requires more than just copying someone else’s playbook of teacher moves; you need to think for yourself, trying and reflecting and revising, building the same independence and critical intelligence that you hope to cultivate in your own students.

The Fellowship is a salaried ($48,000), full-time teaching position culminating in a Master of Science in Teaching (MST) with New York State Initial Certification in Elementary Education and Special Education.

What Makes Us Different?

  1. Teachers as Intellectuals. At PEI, we believe that becoming a great teacher is not about acquiring a set of techniques to be copied and repeated. It is about developing a deep understanding of learning theory, content knowledge, and pedagogical methods that can be applied in any instructional situation. You will observe, practice, reflect, revise, and learn to become a sophisticated educator, capable of making nuanced instructional decisions rather than following someone else’s script.
  2. Exquisite Progressive Instruction. We have pioneered an ambitious educational model that cultivates quality student thinking and ethical leadership. You will learn how to spark students’ intellectual curiosity, foster authentic engagement, and facilitate cognitively demanding instruction.

  3. Student Independence Not Compliance. For over a decade, we have developed expertise in how to create a classroom culture that fosters respectful student independence rather than compliance. You will learn how to create a joyful, orderly, warm learning environment.

  4. Remarkable Faculty. PEI professors include some of the most renowned, educators in the country. Our faculty includes experienced progressive educators who regularly demonstrate the instructional practices they teach.

  5. Highly Selective. Admission to PEI is highly competitive and each cohort is comprised of the best and brightest. You will be part of a close knit community and build lifelong friendships and professional relationships.

  6. Immersion in Effective Progressive Classrooms. You will have the opportunity to observe and learn within consistently effective classrooms where progressive pedagogical philosophy is put into practice. Teaching at this level is much harder than it sounds and requires intensive work and commitment to a challenging learning experience.

  7. Study Where You Teach: A Glorious Campus. PEI is located within a vibrant learning community of aspiring young teachers, experienced master teachers, graduate faculty, and children from Kindergarten through high school. Instead of commuting to an unrelated school, you will observe and teach in classrooms at Harlem Village Academies, in walking distance of the PEI.



Application Process

There will be 3 rounds of applications occurring in the fall, winter, and spring. The below information pertains specifically to the Spring 2021 round.

Submit Your Application

Attend a Phone Interview

Attend Selection Day

Accept Your Offer

Additional Requirements

Acceptance into the program is contingent on the fulfillment of all the below requirements.

By Monday, March 1, 2021

By Friday, May 5, 2021

Save the Dates (Subject to Change)

Harlem Village Academies is an Equal Opportunity Employer and committed to diversity among our staff. Applicants of diverse backgrounds are strongly encouraged to apply.

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