Project Facilitator - Compliance Monitor

Clark County School District

Las Vegas, Nevada

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Date Posted September 22, 2022
Industry K-12: Public Schools
Specialty Not Specified
Certification Needed
Job Status Not Specified
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Project Facilitator, Compliance
Position Details
Division: Human Resources
Classification: Certified

Terms of Employment: This is a salaried position assigned to the Licensed Employee
Salary Schedule, 9 Months; Additional hours/days at the contracted rate of pay may be

Position Summary
The individual selected for this position will assist the office in supporting the Clark
County School District's compliance with state and federal special education laws,
Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, and other disability related laws. The
Compliance Monitor will report to the Executive Director, Director, and Coordinator,
Special Education Due Process Compliance, Student Services Division (SSD),
Academic Unit (AU).

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
The list of Essential Duties and Responsibilities is not exhaustive and may be
1. Assist with the resolution of parent disputes.
2. Facilitate implementation of resolution agreements and orders for due process
requests, mediations, state complaints, and constituent concern investigations.
3. Complete education record reviews related to special education complaints.
4. Compile and complete student record reviews and prepare documents for due
process hearings.
5. Assist staff in compliance with state and federal disability laws.
6. Assist in developing and updating written procedures, policies, and forms.

7. Assist in developing, organizing, and implementing districtwide professional
learning regarding special education and Section 504.
8. Assist parents with special education procedures and rights.
9. Assist with on-site investigations by the Nevada Department of Education (NDE)
and the United States Department of Education (DoED), Office of Civil Rights
10. Provide technical support to the Executive Director, Director, and Coordinator
with staff.
11. Train District staff on relevant issues, policies, and procedures related to special
education laws and Section 504.
12. Coordinate distribution of information to District employees regarding special
education issues.
13. Assist in reviewing and updating District materials, forms, procedural manuals,
handbooks, etc., concerning special education and Section 504.
14. Monitor districtwide compliance with both federal and state special education
15. Review, process, and provide training for corrective action regarding the Nevada
Revised Statute (NRS) 388.471-515 regarding the use of physical restraint,
mechanical restraint and aversive intervention.
16. Process parent requests for Revocation of Consent for Special Education
17. Conduct research related to current case laws.
18. Performs other duties related to the position, as assigned.

Position Expectations
1. Understanding and sensitivity towards diverse cultural and ethnic groups, and
individuals with disabilities.
2. Demonstrate mental and physical stamina commensurate with the responsibility
of the position.
3. Demonstrate high level of self-confidence, initiative and problem-solving skills.
4. Working knowledge of federal, state, and local mandates.
5. Working knowledge of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act of 2004
(IDEA), Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Nevada Administrative
Code (NAC) 388, Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS), Title II of the American with
Disabilities Act (ADA).
6. Working knowledge of Infinite Campus, Microsoft Word, Excel, and Google.
7. Ability to mediate and resolve conflicts Excellent Time Management Skills.
8. Excellent written and oral communication skills.

9. Ability to manage stress, especially in preparation of and during legal
10. Excellent organizational skills.
11. Ability to interview witnesses and provide accurate written summaries.
12. Ability to work cooperatively and effectively with colleagues, parents, school and
administrative personnel, and representatives of the community, state, and
federal organizations and agencies.

Position Requirements
Education and Training
1. Possess a Master's Degree from an accredited college or university with
emphasis in special education or related services.
2. Five (5) years of satisfactory service in special education or related positions.
3. Experience in writing policies and procedures.
4. Successful performance in the position held at the time of application.
Licenses and Certifications
Possess a valid special education or related services license issued by the Nevada
Department of Education (NDE).
Preferred Qualifications
1. Experience in providing special education services for students with disabilities.
2. Experience in preparing cases for litigation.

When applying for a certificated licensed position, candidates must meet the
minimum qualifications as listed on the appropriate position vacancy

AA/EOE Statement
This employer does not knowingly discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex,
sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, or national origin.

Job Revision Information
- Revised: 03/10/21
- Created: 03/10/21