Clinical Social Worker Intern - Wraparound Services

Clark County School District

Las Vegas, Nevada

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Date Posted May 17, 2023
Industry K-12: Public Schools
Specialty Not Specified
Certification Needed
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Clinical Social Worker Intern-
Wraparound Services
Position Details
Division: Human Resources
Classification: Certified

Terms of Employment: This is a salaried position assigned to the Licensed Employee
Salary Schedule, 9 Months

Position Summary
The Social Worker Intern utilizes evidence-based and nationally recognized instructional
practices to interface with the educational process and meets the needs of schools,
students, and families in the Clark County School District. Using a strengths-based and
system-wide approach, the Clinical Social Worker Intern will focus on prevention and
intervention by facilitating engagement between schools, families, and the community.
Emphasis will be on the application of methods, principles, and techniques of casework,
group work, community organization, administration, planning, consultation, research
and psychotherapeutic methods and techniques to persons, families, and groups to help
in the diagnosis and treatment of mental and emotional conditions affecting the student-s
academic achievement. The Clinical Social Worker Intern provides an advanced level of
mental health treatment in both individual and group settings. Primary duties include
crisis intervention, risk assessment, diagnostic impression utilizing the Diagnostic and
Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5), short-term stabilization
services as well as individual and group therapy. Treatment is provided based on sound
theoretical principles, with knowledge of the special issues and needs of the population
served. Treatment needs and strategies meet the multifaceted needs of a diverse
population, with attention to the policies and procedures of CCSD. The Clinical Social
Worker Intern is expected to interface with both internal and external treatment
providers, as needed. This person will be expected to adhere to the District Professional

Domains and Standards for Licensed Employees and report directly to the Director,
Wraparound Services Department or assigned school-based administrator.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities
The list of Essential Duties and Responsibilities is not exhaustive and may be
1. Identify problems in a child-s living situation (home, school, and community) that
may affect the child-s adjustment, ability, and attendance in the educational
2. Conduct home visits and meet with families regularly.
3. Develop and facilitate weekly support groups and provide students with
strategies to cope with and overcome social-emotional challenges affecting
school performance.
4. Assist parents/guardians with understanding of District decisions, policies, and
5. Identify, mobilize, and coordinate school and community resources to enable
students to learn as effectively as possible in the educational setting.
6. Contribute knowledge, skills, and techniques in the areas of mental health and
human behavior to parents/guardians and school team members.
7. Develop and implement parent/guardian support groups and activities.
8. Attend and participate in department meetings, in-services, and professional
9. Plan, conduct, and participate in educational workshops and presentations.
10. May serve as a member of mental health school teams and provide information
related to planning for the social-emotional and educational needs of children.
11. Develop treatment plan with explicit goals.
12. Perform other duties related to the position, as assigned.

Position Expectations
1. Knowledge of psychopharmacology
2. Knowledge of assessment and intervention with suicidal/homicidal students.
3. Possess working knowledge of behavior management principles including data
collection and analysis.
4. Possess working knowledge of community-based mental health services and
mental health providers within Clark County.
5. Possess a working knowledge of mental health diagnoses and potential
behavioral manifestations.


6. Must demonstrate knowledge of the theory and practice of mental health
assessment and treatment and have basic research skills.
7. Ability to provide an array of services; including diagnostic assessments, mental
status examinations and treatment plans, case management to a specialized
caseload of children, adolescents and families.
8. The ability to diagnosis, assess, and develop treatment plans for social-emotional
9. Ability to demonstrate cultural competence.
10. Effective verbal and written communication, collaboration, and interpersonal skills
to work with various groups such as other team members, school-based
intervention teams, hospital treatment teams, and families.
11. Ability to demonstrate leadership abilities concerning planning, developing, and
implementing transition services and supports for students.
12. Ability to work throughout the valley.

Position Requirements
Education and Training
1. Master-s Degree in Social Work from a college or university accredited by the
Council on Social Work Education.
2. Have been approved by the Nevada State Board of Examiners for clinical
3. Intern for a minimum of 3000 hours with at least 2000 hours of supervised post-
graduate clinical social work in the area of psychotherapeutic methods and
techniques to person, families, and groups to help in the diagnosis and treatment
of mental and emotional conditions. (Remaining 1000 hours may be completed in
other areas of clinical social work)
4. Engage in supervision a minimum of one (1) hour every week.
Licenses and Certifications
1. Must possess a current license as a social worker issued by the Nevada Board of
Examiners for Social Workers.
2. Must possess or be able to acquire by time of appointment to the position, a K-
12 Social Worker license issued by the Nevada Department of Education (NDE).
3. Must maintain professional liability and premises liability insurance at all times.
4. A valid driver-s license or state-issued identification card.


When applying for a certificated licensed position, candidates must meet the
minimum qualifications as listed on the appropriate position vacancy

AA/EOE Statement
The Clark County School District is proud to be an equal opportunity employer. The
Clark County School District is committed to providing all applicants and employees
equal employment opportunities without regard to race, color, religion, sex, gender
identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, military
status, or other characteristics protected by applicable law. Here at Clark County School
District we are a diverse group of people who honor the differences that drive innovative
solutions to meet the needs of our students and employees. We believe that through a
culture of inclusivity we have the power to reflect the community we serve.

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- Created: 02/15/22