School Technology Assistant _PDES

Newton County

Covington, Georgia

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Date Posted March 13, 2023
Industry K-12: Public Schools
Specialty Not Specified
Certification Needed
Job Status Full-time
Salary Not Specified


Job Title:

School Technology Assistant (Paraprofessional)

Pay Grade:

5 – 7 (based on education level)


School Administration




School Location /Technology




The School Technology Assistant is responsible to the Principal. The School Technology Assistant must assist teachers in technology-oriented lesson plans, to maintain the Instructional Computer Lab(s), and to provide technical assistance to the school’s students, faculty, and staff, as well as, to members of the system’s technology department.


  1. Associate’s Degree or two years (60 semester hours or 90 quarter hours) of college OR HS diploma/GED successful completion of the Georgia Paraprofessional Certification Test.
  2. Possess basic technical expertise as it relates to computers and networks.
  3. Pass the GACE Computer Skills Competency Assessment.
  4. Willing to earn 10 PLU’s in technology-related professional learning opportunities as a condition to having their certification renewed.
  5. Be able to work well with adults and students, and possess good communication skills.
  6. Be well organized and have good time management skills.


  1. Assist teachers with planning and implementing technology enhanced lessons.
  2. Provide initial diagnosis and basic troubleshooting on their school’s technical components.
  3. If selected, be the assigned school’s email administrator.
  4. Provide for a basic level of maintenance and repair on their school’s technical components.
  5. Be responsible for the daily operation of their school’s Instructional Computer Lab(s).
  6. Provide technical assistance to the school administrators.
  7. Attend staff development programs related to their job.
  8. Be a technology resource to their school’s students, faculty, and staff.
  9. Be an active member of the school and system technology committees.
  10. Have basic networking responsibilities if required
  11. Maintain user accounts for network and in software applications if applicable
  12. Promote technology literacy in their assigned school
  13. Maintain their school’s computer inventory if applicable
  14. Provide technology orientation for new staff members.
  15. Administer or assist in the administration of computer-based tests and generate reports if requested.
  16. Act as a liaison between county technology department and schools.
  17. Other duties as assigned by principal.

Click to View Salary Schedule: NCSS Salary Schedules

Classified Salary Schedule GRADE 5 - 7 based on education level

GRADE 5 = paraprofessional assessment test w/ HS diploma or GED

GRADE 6 = Associates Degree / 60+ semester hours or 90+ quarter hours

GRADE 7 = Bachelor’s Degree or higher

NOTE: School Technology Assistants work 190 days