Freshman Seminar Teacher

Battle Creek Public Schools

Battle Creek, Michigan

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Date Posted September 03, 2023
Industry K-12: Public Schools
Certification Needed Yes
Job Status Not Specified
Salary Not Specified


Position: Freshman Seminar Teacher

Location: Battle Creek Central Career Academies High School

Our amazing Career Academies educators work collaboratively to combine traditional academic coursework with relevant career learning that prepares the leaders of tomorrow for career, college, and community success.


  1. Michigan Department of Education Teaching Certificate with any secondary core subject endorsement

  2. Bachelor's Degree

Reports to: Building Principal

Salary: $50,000-$82,010

Job Goals:

Battle Creek Central is entering year six of the transition to a Ford NGL Career Pathway School that offers students many opportunities beyond the traditional classroom. The Freshman Seminar teacher will help support students navigate their freshman year experiences and learning so they are career, college, and community ready beyond high school. This includes facilitating project-based learning (PBL) opportunities with students, working with career panels, engaging with the career exploration fair, advising students in the completion of a digital portfolio that showcases their career pathway experiences, and using student aptitude/interest surveys to advise them on making a pathway selection for their 10-12 grade experience.

Performance Responsibilities:

  1. Build relationships with students and their families

  2. Facilitate project-based learning opportunities focusing on career pathway exploration

  3. Familiar with Google sites and other technology applications to support students to create a digital portfolio

  4. Coordinate with the Career Coach to organize community business partners to support students in PBL and Career Pathway experiences.

  5. Collaborate with the Business Department and content PLC to review curriculum and analyze student data to determine implications for instruction.

  6. Collaborate with Career Academy intervention PLC to provide intervention support for students.

  7. Inspire students to set goals and teach the steps needed to reach their goals in the postsecondary world

  8. Prepare students with skills defined in the BCCHS Portrait of a Graduate so they are equipped for interaction with community partners in various settings.

  9. Participate in Career Pathway specific events for the Business, Engineering, and Industrial Technology Pathways and Health and Human Services Pathways.

  10. Meets and instructs assigned classes in the location and at the times designated.

  11. Plans a program of study that, as much as possible, meets the individual needs, interests and abilities of the students enabling each child the opportunity to reach his/her maximum level of achievement.

  12. Creates a classroom environment that is conducive to learning and appropriate to the maturity and interests of the students and provides a learning climate for the students.

  13. To assume the responsibility for the safety, conduct and health of the students under his/her supervision. To see that the physical upkeep of the classroom and equipment is maintained.

  14. Guides the learning process toward the achievement of curriculum goals and ---- in harmony with the goals ---- establishes clear objectives for all lessons, units, projects and the like to communicate these objectives to students.

  15. Employs a variety of instructional techniques and instructional media, consistent with the physical limitations of the location provided and the needs and capabilities of the individuals or student groups involved.

  16. Strives to implement by instruction and action the district’s philosophy of education and instructional goals and objectives.

  17. To maintain communications with parents concerning their child’s progress and the school’s programs.

  18. Maintains accurate, complete and correct records as required by law, district policy and administrative regulations and makes those reports as required by the school district.

  19. Assists the administration in implementing all policies and/or rules governing students life and conduct, and for the classroom, develops reasonable rules of classroom behavior and procedure and maintains order in the classroom in a fair and just manner.

  20. Makes provision for being available to students and parents for educational related purposes outside the instructional day when required or requested to do so under reasonable terms.

  21. To prepare adequate plans and materials for a substitute when needed

  22. Facilitating small group instruction to meet student needs

  23. Progress monitor daily, monthly, and quarterly

  24. Goal setting with students

  25. Utilizing strong classroom management and organizational skills

  26. Guiding students through educational development plans (EDP) utilizing Xello

  27. Other duties as assigned by principal

SCHOOL SAFETY CLEARANCE: The successful candidate will be subject to a fingerprint and background check as a condition of employment. All fees required for this check (estimated $73.00) will be the responsibility of the successful applicant.

The Battle Creek Public School District is an equal opportunity employer and will not discriminate on the basis of race, color, handicap, sex, age, religion, national origin, weight, height, or marital status in its employment practices.