Resource Paraprofessional - AHS

Newton County

Covington, Georgia

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Date Posted September 13, 2023
Industry K-12: Public Schools
Certification Needed
Job Status Full-time
Salary Not Specified


Job Title:

Special Education Instructional Paraprofessional

Pay Grade:

5 – 7 (based on education level)


School Administration




School Location




The Special Education Instructional Support Paraprofessional shall be directly responsible to the building Principal and must be able to provide instructional support to students with disabilities to enable them to progress in the general curriculum and on their IEP goals and objectives.


  1. Associate’s Degree or two years (60 semester hours or 90 quarter hours) of college OR HS diploma/GED with successful completion of the Georgia Paraprofessional Certification Test.
  2. Valid Paraprofessional Certificate.
  3. Be able to work well with adults and students, and possess good communication skills.
  4. Be well organized and have good time management skills.


  1. Be present at work every day, on time, and perform duties as assigned effectively and efficiently.
  2. Be neat, professional in appearance and appropriately attired for job responsibilities.
  3. Comply with school, system, state and federal regulations and policies, including the Professional Standards Commission Code of Ethics as related to job responsibilities.
  4. Provide instructional support to individuals and/or small groups of Students With Disabilities in the special education or general education setting as assigned by the teacher.
  5. Demonstrate fair and effective classroom management skills and assist with supervision of students to ensure their safety and adherence to school rules and regulations.
  6. Perform data collection and routine record-keeping as instructed by the teacher using techniques and procedures acquired through professional learning.
  7. Assist the teacher in performing necessary clerical tasks that may include the ordering and inventory of classroom equipment and materials.
  8. Maintain proficient instructional technology skills to include but not be limited to all Microsoft Office applications. Comply with system technology policies and procedures.
  9. Participate in professional learning as required by the school system.
  10. Maintain confidentiality of all school information concerning students, staff and school business.
  11. Attend faculty meetings and other meetings as required.
  12. Maintain paraprofessional certification as required by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.
  13. Exhibit a time on task, flexible, cooperative, progressive and hardworking attitude and style.
  14. Demonstrate positive working relationships with others and take direction readily in a cooperative manner from the supervisor.
  15. Assume a leadership role in the absence of the regularly assigned teacher.
  16. Assist in the preparation of materials for instruction, class displays, bulletin boards and other instructional activities, i.e. flash cards, charts, transparencies
  17. Ensure that the classroom, equipment and other resources are maintained in safe and sanitary condition.
  18. Monitor students before and after school and during other non-instructional transition periods as assigned.
  19. Communicate with students, parents, faculty and staff using appropriate verbal and written communication skills and exhibit the fundamentals of good public customer service.
  20. Maintain current Mindset: De-Escalation/Physical Restraint Certification when required.
  21. Perform other such duties as assigned by the Principal.

Click to View Salary Schedule: NCSS Salary Schedules

Classified Salary Schedule GRADE 5 - 7 based on education level

GRADE 5 = paraprofessional assessment test w/ HS diploma or GED

GRADE 6 = Associates Degree / 60+ semester hours or 90+ quarter hours

GRADE 7 = Bachelor’s Degree or higher