Temporary RTI Coordinator Teacher

Hanover Community School Corporation

Lake County, Indiana

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Date Posted February 12, 2024
Industry K-12: Public Schools
Certification Needed
Job Status Not Specified
Salary Not Specified


Temporary Postiion covering Leave of Absence starting April 8, 2024 until May 31, 2024

Works in an instructional support capacity to provide professional learning, technical guidance and best practice resources and materials in the area of Response to Intervention (RTi) and grade level teams. Serves as the primary intervention specialist and school contact for RTI and grade level teams.


  1. The candidate demonstrates:
    1. A high level of professional commitment to the District and School’s vision and mission.
    2. Successful teaching experience in a elementary school in the specific subject area(s) related to the Intervention position.
    3. Leadership skills and the ability to work closely and cooperatively with fellow team members, other building staff members, building and district administrators.
    4. A strong insight and understanding of the needs of middle school students.
    5. The ability to work collaboratively with diverse groups.
    6. The ability to communicate effectively (written and oral) with diverse groups ( i.e. staff, parents, and community members).

Performance Responsibilities
  1. Supports and monitors school’s implementation of Response to Intervention (RTi) model for increasing student achievement.
  2. Facilitates and supports teacher’s use of classroom-based, developmentally appropriate interventions for individual students and groups of students to enhance their acquisition of social/emotional and cognitive skills
  3. Provides technical guidance and support for teachers and RTI/ Grade level teams’ effective use of behavioral support models (PBIS) and tools (functional behavior assessment, positive behavioral supports, and behavior intervention plans.
  4. Utilizes understanding of how to select and analyze data related to individual students, groups of students and classrooms to positively impact achievement and behavior.
  5. Oversees school and classroom level data collection and progress monitoring for every tier.
  6. Provides support on effective use of school-based intervention teams, including collaboration, communication, and cohesion across various team members (administrators, teachers, counselors)
  7. Provides ongoing support for data systems that provide critical student achievement data and information.
  8. Coordinates collection of data from assessment teams and classroom teachers
  9. Attends grade-level team meeting to coordinate RTi processes across the grade levels
  10. Meets with teachers individually or in grade-level teams to help interpret data, determine intervention efficacy and plan next steps of support.
  11. Models and assists instructional aides in the use of data to place students in intervention groups and define focus of instruction for each group.
  12. Assists intervention aides in preparing materials and strategies for each group.
  13. Models effective intervention group instruction for intervention aides.
  14. Observes intervention aides instructing intervention groups and provides feedback and coaching.
  15. Collects and analyzes classroom and school wide RTi data for every tier.
  16. Supports teachers in measuring and documenting student progress.
  17. Plans, schedules and leads RTi and Grade level team meetings in coordination with the principal, support staff, parents, and instructional staff
  18. Assists with the monitoring of Reading and Math instruction to ensure the use of sound teaching practices consisting of evidence-based instructional practices, which are implemented with fidelity.
  19. Engages and involves parents in the RTi process and ensures effective communication is provided at every tier.
  20. Other duties as assigned by administration.

Application Deadline: Until Filled

Application Submission: Apply online at https://www.applitrack.com/hanover/onlineapp