Date Posted May 13, 2024
Industry K-12: Public Schools
Certification Needed
Job Status Full-time
Salary Not Specified



REPORTS TO: Principal

JOB GOAL: Ensure the effective organization and operation of the school, the instructional program and related activities.


  1. Educational Leadership Certification as required by the Professional Standards Commission.
  2. Master’s degree or higher.
  3. Minimum five years of successful/acceptable teaching experience.


Curriculum, Assessment, and Instruction:

  1. Creates a school culture where student learning is the priority and of high expectations for the learning of ALL students
  2. Leads faculty to continuously seek and evaluate emerging practice that can be used to improve curriculum, assessment, and instruction
  3. Direct involvement in the alignment and implementation of the Georgia Performance Standards, through assessment and instructional strategies
  4. Leads the faculty in the design of instruction based upon ongoing progress monitoring, to include differentiation, acceleration, and re-teaching
  5. Monitors the Response to Intervention (RTI) process according to guidelines
  6. Provide support resources and structure to plan collaboratively, on the job, to implement a standards-based curriculum
  7. Leads the faculty to recognize changes in technology to realize its impact in teaching and learning

Data Analysis:

  1. Leads teams to analyze multiple data sources and synthesize data points to identify root causes; trains others to do the same
  2. Demonstrates the ability to lead teachers to analyze multiple sources of data to monitor student progress, identify intervening strategies, and document results (RTI)
  3. Communicates information from data collection and analysis using charts, graphics, and reports

Process Improvement:

  1. Participates in the development of the School Improvement Plan; implement, monitor and evaluate
  2. Examines current procedures and identifies areas for improvement OR creates procedures, where they do not exist.

Learning and Performance Development:

  1. Participates in school/district/state study teams
  2. Ensures that professional learning aligns with key goals of the district and school
  3. Stays abreast of current educational research and practices and shares it
  4. Provide support resources and structure to learn collaboratively, on the job, to implement a standards-based curriculum

Relationship Leader:

  1. Communicates the school and district vision, mission, beliefs through actions/work
  2. Communicates objectively, fairly, and ethically with students, families, faculty, staff, district personnel, and community
  3. Establishes clear expectations of staff in their response to students, parents, colleagues, and the community
  4. Gains consensus when addressing internal issues, whether operational or instructional in nature
  5. Demonstrates the ability to work with and actively seek to collaborate with stakeholders in the school community

Performance Leader:

  1. Leads teachers in the development of measurable, individual/grade/department goals that focus on student achievement
  2. Provides timely formal and informal performance feedback to staff for the specific purpose of improving individual and student performance including the implementation of the teacher evaluation process according to guidelines
  3. Lead teachers in the design of engaging student work
  4. Ability to give and receive constructive feedback to improve student and teacher performance

Operations Leader:

  1. Administers and effectively organizes resources, processes, and systems to support learning and teaching according to identified school instructional priorities
  2. Effectively organizes testing protocols in support of learning and teaching
  3. Effectively organizes and institutes discipline procedures in support of learning and teaching
  4. Effectively organizes facilities and maintenance in support of learning and teaching
  5. Implements and monitors procedures to ensure the safety and welfare of the students and staff
  6. Effectively organizes schedules in support of learning and teaching
  7. Follow and enforce school, administrative, district, state, federal rules and regulation
  8. Effectively organizes extracurricular activities in support of learning and teaching
  9. Assist the principal in the development of school budgets according to state and board regulations and guidelines and determines the appropriateness of purchases

Change Leader:

  1. Discerns when and where change is necessary
  2. Demonstrates the ability to drive and sustain change in a collegial environment focused on continuous improvement in student achievement
  3. Identifies "backers and supporters" to enlist in support of the change
  4. Balances "pressure" and "support" to drive sustained change
  5. Ensures decisions are linked to vision, mission, and strategic priorities

Other Job Responsibilities and Duties:

  1. Adhere to the Code of Ethics for Educators in Georgia as established by the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.
  2. Project a positive image when dealing with the public, employees, parents, and students.
  3. Demonstrate regular and punctual attendance.
  4. Perform other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

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Certified Schedule at 210-days plus admin stipend