Platform Systems Admin

Houston Independent School District

Houston, Texas

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Date Posted May 15, 2024
Industry K-12: Public Schools
Certification Needed
Job Status Not Specified
Salary Not Specified


Location: Hattie Mae White 

Department: IT - Platform Operations 


Contract Months:12 

Salary Range: $69,527.00  $114,719.00 

Academic Year: 23-24 


Defines, designs and implements solutions using various server, storage and computing platforms. Proposes and implements system enhancements (software and hardware updates) that will improve the performance and reliability of the system. Works to define, order, and install various hardware platforms including their operating systems, applications, and possibly their databases. This position may address complex systems management processes and automation such as configuration, asset, problem, discovery, change, release, and security management. Analyzes, acquires, installs, modifies and supports operating systems, databases, utilities and Internet/intranet related tools. Conducts systems programming and systems support activities, such as new or revised program language codes, processing routines and report generators. Conducts tier two and three support for platforms. Serves in an escalation mode to provide technical support to field engineers, technicians and customer service representatives who are diagnosing, troubleshooting, repairing and debugging complex hardware, storage and computing environments. Responds to situations where first line product support has failed to isolate or fix problems. Works on problems of diverse scope where analysis of data requires evaluation of identifiable factors. Demonstrates good judgment in selecting methods and techniques for obtaining solutions.

Use of this job family outside of centralized IT requires approval from the Chief Technology Information Officer.


  • Maintains tools that support and automate processes for hardware or software product release.
  • Modifies, maintains and updates software and hardware. Manages end user accounts, permissions, access rights and storage allocations in accordance with best practices regarding privacy, security and compliance. Recommends technology tools and products, develops technical standards and acts as a resource to junior members.
  • Analyzes system, server, application, and network performance. Develops and reviews operator and control instructions, and prepares and conducts system and programming tests requiring interfacing of hardware and software.
  • Conducts research on emerging products, services, protocols and standards in support of systems software procurement and development efforts.
  • Conducts programming tasks including program design, program coding, debugging and documentation.


  • Performs other job-related duties as assigned.


Bachelor’s Degree or equivalent, relevant work experience of four years in addition to the minimum experience requirement of 5 years.   


5-7 years


Uses skills as a seasoned, experienced professional with a full understanding of industry practices and company policies and procedures; resolves a wide range of issues in imaginative as well as practical ways. This job is the fully qualified, career-oriented, journey-level position. Has completed all basic certifications in area of specialty. Over time, works from learning one technology/language/application (e.g., SAP, Chancery, PeopleSoft, C++. Java, XML, Windows, Linux, Unix, EAI, Middleware, SOA) method, and approach to being fully versed on all including emerging technologies, methods, and design considerations. As the career progresses, formal software engineering and system engineering skills are acquired.


No supervisory or direct people management responsibilities. May provide occasional work guidance, technical advice and training to staff.


Work is substantially complex, varied and regularly requires the selection and application of technical and detailed guidelines. Independent judgment is required to identify, select, and apply the most appropriate methods as well as interpret precedent. Position regularly makes recommendations to management on areas of significance to the department. Supervision received typically consists of providing direction on the more complex projects and new job duties and priorities.
Compiles and organizes data and figures.




Decisions are made with greater freedom and discretion, including recommendations that are subject to approval on matters that may affect multiple departments across HISD. Job is frequently expected to recommend new solutions to problems, to improve existing methods/procedures/services and generate new ideas. May also review decisions made by other individuals on more routine matters.


Decisions have moderate impact to the facility/department or division, causing increased satisfaction or dissatisfaction; producing efficiencies or delays; promoting or inhibiting personal intellectual or professional development; and/or contributing to financial gain or expense. Errors may be serious, usually not subject to direct verification or check, causing losses such as improper cost calculations, overpayment or improper utilization of labor, materials or equipment. Effect usually confined to the organization itself and is short term.


Collaborate and solve problems – works with others to resolve problems, clarify or interpret complex information/policies, and provide initial screening/negotiations without approval authority. Interactions are typically with senior level professional staff, and managers.


Makes routine or required customer actions to meet customer needs. Responds promptly and accurately to customer complaints, inquiries and requests for information and coordinates appropriate follow-up. May handle escalated issues passed on from co-workers or subordinates.


Work is normally performed in a typical interior work environment which does not subject the employee to any hazardous or unpleasant elements. Repetitive motion: Substantial movements of the wrists, hands, fingers, and/or upper body for sustained periods of time, including using extremities to drag, push, pull or grasp. Employee is expected to be able to commute to multiple work sites in a day and perform dispatched resolution. Sitting: Particularly for sustained periods of time. May have to lift up to 50 pounds. Work is normally set to specified shifts. This position is expected to be goal and customer service focused. During times of emergencies, outages and project planned work; employees are expected to be on call and available until the event is addressed. During system conversions, extra effort may be required in order to ensure the roll out of the system is successful.


Houston Independent School District is an equal opportunity employer.